Why Worry?

Why Worry? (1923)

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Why Worry (1923) 4K Color“Why Worry?” is a 1923 silent comedy film directed by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor, starring the iconic Harold Lloyd.

This film is a prime example of Lloyd’s comedic talent and his ability to entertain audiences with his physical humor and comedic timing.

The story revolves around Harold Van Pelham, a wealthy young man who is constantly anxious and fearful. His health takes a turn for the worse when he reads about a cholera outbreak in a distant country, causing him to become extremely paranoid. To alleviate his fears, he travels to the cholera-stricken land, accompanied by his nurse, played by Jobyna Ralston.

Upon arriving, Harold inadvertently becomes involved in the political turmoil of the country, where he finds himself in various precarious situations. The film’s humor is rooted in Harold’s relentless bad luck and his naive attempts to navigate the dangerous and chaotic world around him.

One of the most memorable aspects of “Why Worry?” is Harold Lloyd’s physical comedy. The film features several stunt sequences and sight gags, including a daring escape from a burning building and a battle with a giant crocodile. Lloyd’s athleticism and willingness to perform his own stunts added a unique dimension to his comedy.

Jobyna Ralston, who frequently appeared alongside Harold Lloyd, delivers a delightful performance as his nurse. Her interactions with Lloyd’s character contribute to the film’s humor and charm.

“Why Worry?” is known for its exotic and imaginative sets, particularly the giant “jungle” crocodile and the scenes set in a small kingdom. These settings add to the film’s adventure and escapism, allowing audiences to be transported to a whimsical and larger-than-life world.

The film’s title, “Why Worry?,” reflects the overarching theme of the movie. Despite the many dangers and obstacles he encounters, Harold Lloyd’s character maintains a carefree and optimistic attitude, providing a valuable lesson in how to face life’s challenges with humor and resilience.

“Why Worry?” is a testament to the enduring appeal of silent comedy and the comedic genius of Harold Lloyd. It remains a beloved classic of the silent film era, known for its laughter-inducing escapades and thrilling stunts. The film’s ability to transcend time and language barriers makes it a timeless gem that continues to entertain audiences today.

Release Date: September 2nd, 1923

Main Cast Members

Harold Lloyd (Harold Van Pelham)

Jobyna Ralston (The Nurse)

John Aasen (Colosso)

Wallace Howe (The Valet)

James Pier Mason (Jim Blake)

Leo White (Herculeo)

Gaylord Lloyd (Man)

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