The Immigrant 1917 4K Color

The Immigrant

The Immigrant (1917)   “The Immigrant,” a classic silent film released in 1917 and starring the iconic Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Albert Austin, Eric …

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Monte Cristo 1922 4K Color

Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo (1922)   “Monte Cristo,” a 1922 silent film adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ classic novel “The Count of Monte Cristo,” is a captivating …

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The Tramp (1915) 4K Color

The Tramp

The Tramp (1915)   It was in 1915 that Charlie Chaplin, the iconic figure of silent cinema, brought “The Tramp” to the silver screen. …

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Shanghaied (1915) 4K Color


Shanghaied (1915)   “Shanghaied” (1915), a classic silent film directed by and starring the legendary Charlie Chaplin, is a maritime comedy that navigates the …

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Desert Rider (1923)

Desert Rider

Desert Rider (1923)   “Desert Rider” (1923), directed by Robert N. Bradbury and starring Jack Hoxie, Frank Rice, Evelyn Nelson, and Thomas G. Lingham, …

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