Tarzan and the Golden Lion

Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1927)

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Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1922) 4K Color“Tarzan and the Golden Lion” (1927), directed by J. P. McGowan, stands as one of the early cinematic adaptations of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ iconic character, Tarzan.

Starring James Pierce as Tarzan, the film weaves a tale of adventure, villainy, and the untamed jungles of Africa. Alongside Pierce, the cast includes Frederick Peters as the antagonist Esteban Miranda, Edna Murphy as Betty Greystoke, Harold Goodwin as Jack Bradley, Dorothy Dunbar as Jane Porter Clayton, D’Arcy Corrigan as Weesimbo, Boris Karloff as Owaza, and Robert Bolder as John Peebles.

The narrative unfolds with Tarzan, portrayed by James Pierce, living a peaceful life in the African jungle with his wife Jane, played by Dorothy Dunbar, and their son. The tranquility is disrupted when a group of explorers, including Jane’s brother Jack Bradley ( Harold Goodwin), arrives in search of treasure. Unbeknownst to the visitors, a villainous character, Esteban Miranda ( Frederick Peters), is part of the expedition, driven by nefarious motives.

The plot thickens as Tarzan’s sister, Betty Greystoke ( Edna Murphy), becomes entangled in the unfolding events. The explorers, now in the heart of the jungle, encounter the enigmatic Golden Lion, a creature of mythical significance. The search for the elusive treasure becomes perilous as alliances shift, and the jungle proves to be an unpredictable and dangerous setting.

Boris Karloff makes a notable appearance as Owaza, adding to the intrigue of the jungle environment. Karloff’s screen presence, even in a supporting role, contributes to the film’s atmospheric appeal. The diverse cast brings the characters to life, with each actor contributing to the overall sense of adventure and danger.

As the story unfolds, the explorers face various challenges, from the natural perils of the jungle to the machinations of Esteban Miranda, whose true intentions become increasingly malevolent. The film explores themes of greed, betrayal, and the clash between civilization and the primal forces of the untamed wilderness.

One of the strengths of “Tarzan and the Golden Lion” lies in its depiction of the African landscape. While limited by the technological constraints of the time, the filmmakers manage to create a visually engaging representation of the jungle. The lush settings and carefully staged action sequences contribute to the film’s immersive quality.

James Pierce’s portrayal of Tarzan brings a physicality and energy to the character, embodying the essence of Burroughs’ creation. His interactions with the jungle, the wild animals, and his confrontations with the antagonist Miranda showcase the agility and strength associated with the Lord of the Jungle.

The film, like many of its contemporaries, embraces a certain romanticized view of Africa, influenced by the adventure literature of the time. The portrayal of indigenous characters, such as Owaza and Weesimbo, reflects the era’s perspectives, and modern audiences may view these depictions through a critical lens.

“Tarzan and the Golden Lion” thrives on its episodic structure, with each sequence building upon the last, leading to a climactic confrontation. The inclusion of the mythical Golden Lion adds an element of mysticism to the narrative, blending the real and the fantastical in the heart of the jungle.

In conclusion, “Tarzan and the Golden Lion” (1927) stands as a significant chapter in the cinematic history of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ iconic character. Directed by J. P. McGowan and featuring a diverse cast, the film captures the spirit of adventure and exploration that defined the pulp fiction of its time. While modern audiences may find elements of the narrative and character portrayals reflective of the era’s sensibilities, the film remains a testament to the early cinematic interpretations of the legendary Lord of the Jungle, Tarzan.

Release Date: March 20th, 1927

Main Cast Members

James Pierce (Tarzan)

Frederick Peters (Esteban Miranda)

Edna Murphy (Betty Greystoke)

Harold Goodwin (Jack Bradley)

Dorothy Dunbar (Lady Greystoke)

D’Arcy Corrigan (Weesimbo)

Boris Karloff (Owaza)

Robert Bolder (John Peebles)

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